First Custom-Built Metaverse In Qatar

Vodafone Qatar was looking to launch their new experiential store in Place Vendome Mall, by engaging with customers and mall visitors in an interactive and immersive way. A101 partnered with Vodafone and helped design and develop a fully customized Metaverse experience for the first time in Qatar.

Through this Metaverse experience, A101 assisted Vodafone to host the first hybrid live event in Qatar which was both physical and virtual. A launch of its national campaign “We Fan Together” within the Metaverse at their flagship Experiential Store.

The custom-built Metaverse showcases 4 themed rooms starting with ‘The Lobby’ showcasing Vodafone Qatar’s latest products and services, to the 3 Vodafone Qatar pillars which in turn are reflected in ‘The Innovation Room’, ‘The Sustainability Room’ and ‘The Sports Room’.

The Metaverse created is accessible through any browser, mobile app, and even in Virtual Reality (VR) for the ultimate experience.

Visit the Vodafone Qatar Metaverse today!

Launch your Immersive Digital Experience

Immerse yourself in the new era of Digital Experience.

[ met uh-vurs ]
noun Digital Technology
a combination of meta and verse which mean beyond and universe.

What is a Metaverse?

A shared virtual space with immersive digital experiences. Games, movies, meetings all will be possible in a 3D environment.

What are the benefits of Metaverse?

Creation of New Possibilities
New wave of innovation will create vast new job markets that we haven’t yet imagined, as every large technological transition has throughout history.

By giving us new and often more efficient ways to achieve our goals, the Metaverse will be a huge boon for sustainability. Example is the reduced carbon footprints due to virtual work environment.

Launch your immersive digital experience with A101. Empower your brand and strengthen your customer relationships with your custom space within the Metaverse.

Smart City Expo Doha 2022 Activations

A101 is proud to have supported Tasmu Smart Qatar and Tasmu Digital Valley with various activations for their booth at the Smart City Expo Doha 2022.

A101 designed and developed an interactive and informational touchscreen display for visitors and well as provided A101’s own developed and licensed product; Portagraf; which allowed visitors to share their signatures on a digital wall.

Milipol Qatar 2022

During Milipol Qatar 2022, RBAT was looking for a creative way to attract people to their stand, through the use of a new type of technology. A101 supported RBAT in showcasing their Command and control software as well as their unmanned vehicles and defense drones by designing and animating a 3D immersive experience for the visitors through the use of a holographic fan display.

GWC Interactive Screen

GWC Interactive Screen, 3D Rendering, and Drone footage

GWC was looking to present their newfound warehousing capabilities in Qatar.

An interactive touchscreen experience was created to boast GWC’s capabilities, with a fully customized interactive map for displaying their warehouses, their locations, other landmarks nearby to demonstrate their convenience. From the display, to the interface, to the UI and UX, all fully customized to unveil content in a fitting fashion.

In addition, GWC’s premises were filmed using drones to display in the screen. 3D renderings and models were then created to be able to isolate certain elements and highlight them throughout the touchscreen. All in all a great project executed across multiple specialties, combined into one final product.

Msheireb Downtown Doha Interactive Model

Msheireb Properties was looking to refresh and enhance their Musheireb Doha Downtown Interactive Models. A101 proudly took on the project and moved forward with upgrading the software and hardware along with redesigning the UI for the touchscreen and amending the video animations for the large display screen.

Digital Retail Technology Solutions

Monoprix’s latest digital retail branch was looking to be the most advanced in terms of technology, further embracing the future of shopping. A101 rose to the challenge and provided Monoprix with different innovative solutions that would do just that.

Monoprix Feels: An interactive experience using hand motion detection, combined with a screen that shows visitors certain foods based on how they are feeling that day.

• Monoprix Makeup: An engaging AR solution where customers can try various types of cosmetics on an iPad, allowing them to view the makeup virtually on their own face.

Portagraf: A fully-customized SaaS for Monoprix, a digital wall where users can sign and/or create drawings and have them all displayed on a large screen for everyone to view.

Combined to enhance the environment of shopping, in the name of fun and engagement!

FIFA Arab Cup Activation

We wanted to create a memorable experience for visitors to enjoy their trip through Hamad International Airport (HIA) for the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 (FAC21) in Qatar, seeing it as part of the tournament experience and truly perceiving HIA as the World’s Best Airport. A101 created a unique creative experience through an Augmented Reality interactive activation.
It started by creating a user experience and user journey through prototyping & designing. On the technical side we started rendering, animating and developing the game. The game allows visitors to play by kicking an “imaginary football” and scoring penalties against the worldwide known “Lamp Bear”.
The interface, animation and whole experience utilized Microsoft Kinect and was fully custom built from start to finish. The setup revolved around having an enormous 3 x 5 meter LED screen, a patch of grass to simulate a realistic environment and immerse the player fully.

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Public Transport Interactive Activations

The Ministry of Transport and Communications wanted to exhibit all the public transportation means available in Qatar by creating an interactive display with 3D printed iconic buildings placed on top.

A101 helped bring the idea to life by building, designing, and developing the software in question as well as incorporating Augmented Reality where the visitor can learn more by scanning patterns and being able to view a 3D model of a bus or videos and photos of other means of transportation.