Why shopper activations need to be impactful

Brands are fighting for the attention of shoppers on a daily basis and that’s why shopper activations need to be impactful. 

Even if you have an out-of-the-box approach, you still need the tools to implement the campaign. Here’s where we step in to help you find the best brand activation technology. 

Engage with us for your next brand activation and we will provide you with a tailored strategy and concept presentation that will differentiate you from your competition, present your company professionally, and importantly, achieve your goals.

Why is brand activation important nowadays?

“It is tough to stand out from the crowd.”

If you have a new brand or if you just rebranded, brand activation is a must. However, brand activations are not only crucial for newcomers. They can also be beneficial for well-known brands that want to attract attention. Brand activation can help brands in many ways.

  • Attract attention

As you know, there are hundreds of options both in-store and online. With the help of a shopper activation, brands will be able to attract the attention of customers.

If they notice your brand, then you have a bigger chance of them purchasing your product.

  • Increase sales

Every brand wants to increase sales, and a brand activation campaign can help you do just that. Because shoppers turn their attention towards your products, they are more likely to buy those products.

  • Increase brand loyalty

Shoppers that love your brand and purchase your products end up spending more compared to new customers who might just be testing your products. With brand activation strategies, you can increase brand loyalty which is beneficial in the long run.

Even if you have an out-of-the-box approach, you still need the tools to implement the campaign.
Here’s where we step in to help you find the best brand activation technology.

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Darb Al Saai

MOCI at Darb Al Saai. The activities on the booth needed to be relevant to the theme of the year and have a seamless flow all while making sure the technologies are engaging and fun as well. A101 was asked to design and build the entire booth, and manage all the activities inside for 9 days. This includes a reception area, AR drawing and video areas, Magic Mirror, AR Photobooth, Small factory with RFID trigger.
Photo credits to @mociqatar and @nd.qatar

Interactive Wall

QDG Interactive Wall – Ministries across the government have joined together to accelerate digital government initiatives to make Qatar’s government more efficient, effective, accessible, and customer-centric. Building on the progress made over the past years, Qatar Digital Government will better serve individuals and businesses, create efficiency in government administration, and develop a more open government with enhanced participation of citizens and residents. Qatar Digital Government participated at Qitcom 2019 and A101 provided them with an interactive projection wall showcasing their various projects and milestones.

JBOG Event Activation

QATARGAS JBOG Event Activation. A101 had the chance to deliver event support services with technology featuring the project. A 3D touchscreen interface, a gallery of featured pictures and iconic animation. Done for the inauguration of one of the most prestigious and ecological launches of Qatar – the JBOG project. The JBOG Project is part of the Common Facilities Projects at RLIC and it is led and operated by Qatargas. The Jetty Boil-off Gas Project (JBOG) is set to become a landmark project for the State of Qatar when it comes to ecologic and technical breakthroughs.

Interactive Wall

QATAR DEBATE Interactive Wall for the IUDC5 with more than 600 teams invited to debate, and required an approach to present information about their competitions. A101 proposed, designed and set up an interactive touch wall that displays information on a wall to boost attendee interactivity and interest. This allowed visitors and debtors to find out more information about Qatar Debate’s Elite Academy and Debate Pioneers.

Experiential Room

DOHA OASIS Experiential Room. An interactive installation for the state-of-the-art real estate project “Doha Oasis”. After entering a customized room designed by ourselves, the user has full control over giant screens showing future 3D renders, videos and other project details. Highly interactive, this exhibit generates interest for the project and allows visitors to discover the project by themselves.

Event Activations

EMIR CUP Event Activations. A101 specializes in event support and is proud to have participated in the organization of the Emir’s Cup, one of the most prestigious Horse Race of the Gulf. A lot of technology was set up such as dedicated and custom software for the Horse Gate Draw, Animation video, 3D mapping, Dome Projection, Live Show and closing ceremony.

Initiative Design and Execution

The Qatar Green Building Council seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of fast-paced and large-scale construction activities, and does so through public events, accreditation seminars and engagement activities.

Event Activations

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) organises several annual events, including the popular Ajyal Youth Film Festival. During Ajyal, an interactive temporary exhibition called “Sandbox” provides information about the film-making techniques.