First Custom-Built Metaverse In Qatar

Vodafone Qatar was looking to launch their new experiential store in Place Vendome Mall, by engaging with customers and mall visitors in an interactive and immersive way. A101 partnered with Vodafone and helped design and develop a fully customized Metaverse experience for the first time in Qatar.

Through this Metaverse experience, A101 assisted Vodafone to host the first hybrid live event in Qatar which was both physical and virtual. A launch of its national campaign “We Fan Together” within the Metaverse at their flagship Experiential Store.

The custom-built Metaverse showcases 4 themed rooms starting with ‘The Lobby’ showcasing Vodafone Qatar’s latest products and services, to the 3 Vodafone Qatar pillars which in turn are reflected in ‘The Innovation Room’, ‘The Sustainability Room’ and ‘The Sports Room’.

The Metaverse created is accessible through any browser, mobile app, and even in Virtual Reality (VR) for the ultimate experience.

Visit the Vodafone Qatar Metaverse today!