Tap into the need for trust and transparency

Financial service providers must offer users a money application that is safe, trustworthy, and transparent. Fintech apps should be more than just transactional tools, they should be digital partners that help users achieve their financial objectives.

Designing a winning app for fintech requires a clear understanding of the industry, the target audience, and the specific needs of the users. Here are some key features that could make a fintech app successful:

  • An easy but secure on-boarding and verification process
  • Biometric identification for quick, easy, and secure access
  • One-tap transactions and transfers
  • Instant transaction verification and confirmation

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Huntocity Scavenger Hunt Application

Remember Treasure hunts & scavenger hunts? Huntocity is an online platform & app that helps you do just that, creating the ultimate interactive experience. Spread the fun to your participants with a purpose.

Benefits of using Huntocity

  • Drive Footfall
  • Popularize Destinations
  • Increase Brand Engagement
  • Build a Database of Participants
  • Gain Valuable Analytics & Statistics


eCommerce Website And Mobile App

Happytots is a local baby products and toys store.

A101 assisted Happytots by upgrading their mobile application, and look for ways to enhance it further. We redesigned and redeveloped the application from scratch. Enhancing the user journey and flow along the way. Many new features were added to help push Happytots to the next level.

In addition to the mobile application, we also created an eCommerce website, both of which will be managed from the same place. If we are doing the work, might as well implement an eCommerce website with the same functionalities.

The final steps involved were importing the existing users and inventory into the newly created app and website. And voilà just like that, Happytots are ready to go!

Gym Mobile Application

The Zone Gym wanted to digitize its process and make its users’ lives easier. Mainly revolving around booking slots, timings, and venue. 

A101 created a mobile application for them that allowed users to:

  • Book classes
  • Book coaches
  • Purchase memberships & sessions
  • Book courts
  • Read blogs
  • Watch educational videos
  • Live chat

The Zone App is available for download at the links below.



Live Consultation Mobile App

Fadfad is a mobile app that provides a digital and anonymous safe space. Revolving around providing content, and most importantly real-time sessions in the palm of your hand.

A101 led the mobile application project by developing a multiplatform mobile application, with custom dashboards for the application itself, and for the coaches who conduct sessions.

Another part of Fadfad was creating a modern and comforting website to showcase the application.

• Website
• Mobile Application
• Communication tools
• Social Media Assets
• Consultancy from start to finish

Exhibition & Guest Management

DIMDEX Exhibition & Guest Management was needed. As DIMDEX had grown to become one of the leading events on the international defense and security industry. They wanted to rejuvenate their website and offer a wide number of functionalities for the attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. A101 planned, designed and executed both a website and mobile applications. They presented a refreshed look for DIMDEX. A design and development of the whole management system and ability for exhibitors to sign up, book and upload their details. Not only that but the turn-key solution offers for companies to become sponsors at DIMDEX. Overall, a large-scale website & mobile application for an event, made easy through our digital transformation processes.

Qatar 2022 Worker Wellness App

Together with A101, the SC has launched a smartphone app to help construction workers. It improves their professional and personal lives during their time in Qatar. It was initiated by the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department and Special Projects Office. The app was developed to leverage the overwhelming number of workers who use smartphones. They would benefit from a customized platform capable of enhancing their everyday lives.

The app was developed following an intensive consultation period with SC workers led by SC and A101. During the development phase, workers at Lusail Stadium were asked for their feedback on the features, functionality and design of the app. All of it is intended as a one-stop shop for all their needs. Following an initial pilot with 250 workers, Sadiqi has been rolled out to all 22,000 workers engaged in SC infrastructure projects.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development, we are proud to execute and develop in Qatar. If you are a startup, a small business owner or and an enterprise, we will help you design, develop and launch award-winning iPhone, iPad and Android Apps that not only work, but look good too.

Following strict standards and methodologies for app design, development and testing, we deliver top-ranking apps with great impact. Turn your great ideas into powerful tools with enhanced performance, better speed and functionalities, as well as rich UI and experience.

Our mobile services include the design of UI, UX, bespoke development of apps, native development for iOS and Android, testing, store upload and description, app maintenance and support, mobile-commerce and game development.

Type of development we provide

The type of development we provide is combining business knowledge with technology, turn your project into a multi-channel strategy generating unique, tangible and impactful results.

Web development & e-commerce platform

Make sure your brand is found online and offline and represented at its best. 

Succeed online by building a robust and flexible e-commerce platform with our help.

Mobile Apps (Native iOS & Android)

If you are either a startup, a small business or an enterprise, it’s time to own an award-winning App with our expertise in iPhone, iPad and Android development that works.

Product design & development

You have a concept in mind? Our team of specialists analyze, design and bring your ideas to life by developing a bespoke solution, tailored to your needs.

Choosing a Mobile App Developer

Is your company considering developing its own mobile application (app)? If so, you might want to look at our best advice for building a successful mobile app.

A close partner:

Your first consideration should ideally be the location of whatever company you take on to create your app for you, especially if you are a startup, a small business owner or even a medium-sized enterprise. While it is possible of course to collaborate with such a service provider remotely, the face-to-face and hands-on assistance you will get from a company located in your immediate environment are vital for such an intricate endeavor.

A strong developer:

A suitable service provider should have a solid track record in app development and be able to assist you in designing, creating and developing and launching iPhone, iPad and Android apps that not only work seamlessly but look good and will ensure you achieve whatever goals you are striving to achieve with your new mobile app. Only by following the strictest best practices, standards and cutting edge methodologies in mobile app design, development and testing will result in the creation of top-ranking apps with great impact. To turn your idea for an app into a powerful platform or tool with enhanced performance, better speed and functionalities as well as a rich and rewarding user interface (UI) experience your business deserves, you simply have to do due diligence when seeking out the best service provider and development process.

A good design:

Mobile app development services should always include the design of UI, user interface (UX), bespoke development of mobile apps, development for both iOS and Android, testing, store upload, and description, as well as app maintenance, and support, mobile-commerce and game development. Above developing the app itself, emphasis also needs to extend to related marketing materials that will be required to communicate its presence to the market and assure its success, so take great care in choosing your app development consultant wisely.  Who knows, yours could be the next award-winning app!