Attendees Management Platform and Mobile App Solution

As DIMDEX gained recognition in the global defense and security industry, the need to modernize work processes and support events became clear. A101 stepped in as a reliable partner, taking on the task of creating a comprehensive platform to meet all of DIMDEX's needs.

A101 played a crucial role in developing management systems, exhibitor platforms, and event tools, and integrating online marketing solutions. Together, we built a connected system through efficient digital processes.

One highlight was the creation of a feature-packed mobile app, a key element in DIMDEX's success. The app not only guided attendees but also fostered meaningful connections. Visitors could share contact info selectively, improving networking. The app also allowed for a personalized experience, letting users build their calendars by favoriting events and booths. A101's solutions exceeded expectations, ensuring an engaging experience for all participants in the maritime defense exhibition and conference.

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