Increasing your brand visibility, market reach, and user engagement

Along with improving your brand awareness, you’ll want to fully engage your customers. This means you want them to not only know who you are but to have first-hand experience interacting with you.

You can achieve this by increasing your user’s engagement.
1. Humanize Your Brand
2. Create a Personalized Customer Communications Experience
3. Listen to Your Audience

Combining brand awareness and user engagement strategies can improve brand loyalty and your audience’s overall digital experience.

A101 specializes in choosing the right online advertising medium, digital marketing campaigns, and channels for your business. Our digital media team focuses on paid social media promotions and online network marketing to connect your customers with your brand’s content and culture.

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Redefine your Brand

At A101, we take a 360 approach to fully understand your brand and goals to help grow your business even further.

eCommerce Awareness

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) created Qatar’s eCommerce program, a portal aiming to establish protocols and governance mechanisms that will foster and encourage the future expansion of online trading in Qatar.

The Qatar eCommerce portal is an online platform providing a central resource for information, communication and support for both merchants and shoppers. A101 didn’t only create the written content, but designed and branded the portal accordingly, ensuring a friendly user experience and flow through-out the website. A101 also took part in scriptwriting, filming and producing the main homepage video.

Power of Brand Experiential Activations

Here are some statistics from Notable Study Findings.

  • 92% of B2C brand and sales executives believe integrating experiential marketing within the overall sales and marketing funnel is imperative to their success.
  • 67% of B2C brand and sales executives anticipates a growth in events/experiential budget.
  • 75% of B2C brand-side respondents agree that experiential has proven to be the most successful tactic of their brand’s various marketing strategies.

Engage with us for your next brand activation and we will provide you with a tailored strategy and concept presentation that will differentiate you from your competition, present your company professionally, and importantly, achieve your goals.

Innovative Event Technologies

Theqa, Qatar’s first eCommerce Trustmark, had the opportunity to exhibit its first certified merchants during Qitcom 2019 with the theme of Safe Smart Cities.

A101 designed and managed the entire booth design and production, giving each Theqa member a dedicated area to display their eCommerce business via tablets. A101 also created 3 custom areas showcasing the future of shopping with Custom design and development of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality shopping.

Brand Identity

TASMU DIGITAL VALLEY Branding. Specifically for the ICT sector, Tasmu Digital Valley is driving sustainable economic growth and pushing the national innovation agenda. The Tasmu Digital Valley logo was designed and chosen through a online international campaign asking the public to submit their designs.

A101 was the project manager of this competition. The winning logo design and develop the entire brand guideline book highlighting the brand’s personality and look and feel.

Building a Digital Brand

These days consumers are almost completely dependent on technology. It is therefore up to brands to provide them with free-flowing user experience across all devices and digital platforms.

In this digitally-driven world, your brand and its associated products must deliver quality, flexibility, scalability and other related benefits, which completely and immediately match the needs of your customers and users. Therefore to build an enduring digital brand with a reputation for results, you need solutions that provide you both instant outcomes and allow for future growth and sustainable development. Only a team of dedicated digital business specialists can provide such an integrated approach, undertaking tasks such as consumer research, audience segmentation and related analysis to understand your brand’s online presence. They will help you strategize the best way to improve and convey your message clearly and advise you on how to amplify your communication channels with impactful content, thereby repositioning your company as a leading online actor.  An effective digital branding exercise aims to create a connection between your product or service and the consumer by establishing widespread brand recognition. A comprehensive online brand strategy will thus help you to conquer the digital realm, enhancing your online identity, creating cohesive multiple channel branding and guidelines and will ensure consistency and standards across the board. In the modern digital age, anything less is simply unacceptable.