eCommerce Awareness

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) created Qatar’s eCommerce program, a portal aiming to establish protocols and governance mechanisms that will foster and encourage the future expansion of online trading in Qatar.

The Qatar eCommerce portal is an online platform providing a central resource for information, communication and support for both merchants and shoppers. A101 didn’t only create the written content, but designed and branded the portal accordingly, ensuring a friendly user experience and flow through-out the website. A101 also took part in scriptwriting, filming and producing the main homepage video.

Digital Investment Book

MOTC Digital Investment Book is a collective of digital opportunities present in the market, established by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It aims to provide an overview of the market opportunities in Qatar.

The Investment book’s launch was during Qitcom 2019. A101 helped take the investment book to the level by animating some elements on the pages through the magic of projection mapping.

Innovation Lab

MOTC Innovation Lab. The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) is advancing tech capabilities among Qatari nationals through the new Innovation Lab. Among the first of its kind in the region, the Innovation Lab will provide mentoring and training to the Ministry. Dedicated to its staff, as well as start-ups affiliated with its innovation and incubation programs. A101, was asked to take on the project from start to finish which includes everything from logo design and brand guidelines. Interior design branding on the outside entrance in addition to the ceiling, reception desk and various walls. Technologies such as a custom version of our very own Portagraf (