Defining Digital Content Design: From 2D to 3D


When developing a content strategy, it is important to look beyond words, images and even standard video and consider the exciting world of 2D and 3D animation as a potential way to engage your audience.

From concept to delivery, a dedicated team of 2D and 3D designers and animators can bring your ideas to life to create vibrant and captivating content. Covering the concept, script and storyboarding, they can incorporate striking visual styles, sound effects, and eye-catching graphics, providing your business with powerful tools for captivating your audience and telling your story in an engaging and informative way. Your business and brand can benefit from enhanced digital content, as it will increase user engagement, teach potential customers about your brand or service and greatly increase conversion rates. Experts in the field generally specialize in either 2D or 3D animation and illustration, and the former can produce stunning character 2D animations and motion graphics tailored to your brand and marketing needs.

A completely different approach and far more complex, as well as much more visually exciting, 3D modeling and animation is a must for a variety of 3D live renderings. 3D can be used to deliver a wide range of animated projects such as augmented reality apps, virtual reality simulation and for gaming platforms such as Unity or Unreal computer games. 

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