Education City Golf Club Website

Education City Golf Club’s goal for the website is to showcase all its services as well as the wide range of fields they operate in.

Being a golf course, they wanted to have a website that was extremely modern, professional, and beautiful. Our main focus here was to create a visually stunning website, carefully keeping in mind the UX/UI experience, and the integrated CRM tools that are used to establish a client base.

University Website

HEC PARIS, being one of the leading educational institutions in Qatar, was looking to present information regarding their programs and courses, whilst also keeping Alumni in mind for their new website. Tasking A101 with this, HEC Paris’ Website needed to be visually appealing and exciting to see. And that is exactly what we achieved!

Corporate Website

As a forerunner in the construction industry, QEMG is committed to incorporating advanced technologies and new innovations, which address the changing needs of the MEP industry. A101 designed and developed a minimalistic and modern site to showcase QEMG projects and services.

Digitalization and Strategy

Jaidah Group’s digitalization and strategy project was implemented for it to be one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East.

A101 contributed to this vision by consulting & finding multiple solutions to their digital platforms. A101 merged all Jaidah Group websites into one universal website. This represented all 11 business sectors that they operate in.

Print Solutions Website

Elan having many subsidiaries want to display their full range of services they provide online for potential clients to see. In this case Elan Print being a specialist in printing, with the main goal of listing their services and case studies to further expand their online presence, and having an online portfolio for their clients and customers to view.


Group Holding Website

Fusion Group Holding was seeking to refresh its website look. In addition to taking an opportunity of launching their sub-divisions web presence.

A total of five websites were created, for the main group and the subdivisions, with different goals in mind per website. The goal of the main website was to showcase the group’s presence and capabilities. The sub-divisions are more specialized and show the different services and products that they provide.

All the websites followed a certain style, that was differentiated via the branding of each division. This is giving a unified look for the Fusion Group websites.

Online Representation

Barzan Holdings operates to revolutionize Qatar’s defense and security sector. Going online was one of their goals with their identity, displaying the fields they operate in and the services they provide.

Being the larger umbrella company, A101 assisted Barzan in showcasing the website following specific branding, carefully curating the design and images to match the vision that Barzan Holdings wanted to achieve.

School Website

A French school looking to revitalize their presence online for the coming academic year.

This was a mixture of both our creative team and Lycee Bonaparte coming together to create the vision for their web presence. A highly informational website that visitors and parents would be able to navigate through. Luckily we also have quite a few French speakers at A101, so communication and the content population was not a problem.

One of our best strengths lies in the educational sector, which is why we were able to collaborate seamlessly with Lycee Bonaparte.

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Defense & Security Website

BARZAN MAINTENANCE SHIELD Website, a Barzan subsidiary specialized in the defense and security sector. Seeking web presence, as is the way, but also presence digitally was needed for events to eventually redirect visitors to their website.

The BMS website was created then and there, an informational outlet to promote their work, services and more.

The designs were created to be somewhat relatable to the other Barzan Holdings subsidiaries. With a touch of flair, to have a certain look and feel for all their websites.