Made in Qatar Activations

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) participated in “Made in Qatar” and “Rowad 2023”, and wanted to showcase its initiatives in supporting small and medium-sized industries in Qatar, in an innovative and easily understandable manner for the B2B Market within their booths. A101 stepped in to provide them with multiple solutions: An interactive 3D table, an LED Screen video animation, along with a multimedia wall featuring custom animations and printed lightboxes.
Equipped with 3D printed models of Jahiz 1, 2, & 3 and a user-friendly controller, the interactive 3D table allowed easy selection of Jahiz facilities and instant access to highlighted information. This activation served as the centerpiece of the booths. Visitors interacted with an engaging table with an intuitive touch interface and dynamic screens, to be able to explore diverse perspectives and access multilingual content effortlessly. This collaboration emphasizes our shared commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation in the industrial landscape.

Bindig Website

With a vision to evolve into a significant international player over time, Bindig represents a groundbreaking collaboration between two powerhouse entities. At A101, we recognize the paramount importance of a compelling online presence, and we were honored to partner with Bindig to craft their cutting-edge website. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of Bindig’s unique needs, our dedicated team of experts meticulously designed and developed a website that not only captivates visually but also functions seamlessly and is user-friendly. From intuitive navigation to engaging visual elements, every aspect of Bindig’s website reflects its brand identity and showcases its exceptional offerings. Leveraging the latest technologies and adhering to best practices in web development, we delivered a powerful online platform that sets Bindig apart from its competitors and positions it for success on the global stage. Our collaboration with Bindig underscores our commitment to delivering excellence in web development and supporting businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

Attendees Management Platform and Mobile App Solution

As DIMDEX gained recognition in the global defense and security industry, the need to modernize work processes and support events became clear. A101 stepped in as a reliable partner, taking on the task of creating a comprehensive platform to meet all of DIMDEX’s needs.

A101 played a crucial role in developing management systems, exhibitor platforms, and event tools, and integrating online marketing solutions. Together, we built a connected system through efficient digital processes.

One highlight was the creation of a feature-packed mobile app, a key element in DIMDEX’s success. The app not only guided attendees but also fostered meaningful connections. Visitors could share contact info selectively, improving networking. The app also allowed for a personalized experience, letting users build their calendars by favoriting events and booths. A101’s solutions exceeded expectations, ensuring an engaging experience for all participants in the maritime defense exhibition and conference.

Cosmetic Medical Center

Transforming the landscape of aesthetic care, A101 created an intuitive website and mobile application for The Cosmesis Medical Center, seamlessly bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and personalized patient experience. Our digital solutions enable a front-facing platform for customers to discover the clinic, but also a mobile app that offers effortless booking, secure payments, and real-time integration with onsite systems. Emphasizing user-centric design and search engine optimization (SEO), our collaboration ensures maximum online visibility and operational efficiency, setting a new standard in modern healthcare delivery.

Interactive Video Map

The CRA sought to develop a mobile app with interactive features that could effortlessly accompany events worldwide, effectively highlighting the attractions of Qatar. A101 proposed the concept of an interactive video and map app, providing users with easy navigation to explore and gain insights into key tourist spots in Qatar. The app also allows users to experience select areas through 360-degree views. Its responsive design ensures compatibility with diverse screen sizes and formats.

Exclusive Private Members Club

Sanad Website

In the realm of digital elegance, A101’s partnership with Sanad Lounge has yielded a website that epitomizes luxury and visual allure. Our meticulous design, replete with captivating animations, seamlessly brings the exclusivity of Sanad Lounge to the online sphere. The user-centric interface not only conveys information but also immerses users in the lavish ambiance of the club. With an emphasis on user experience and innovative features, the website serves as a digital gateway, mirroring the club’s in-person opulence and enhancing its brand identity.

Social Media and Campaign:

A101’s strategic mastery has amplified Sanad Lounge’s digital footprint, transforming its social media into a realm of elite connection. Our tailored content strategy has fostered an engaged following, while precise ad targeting and promotions have expanded reach. The fusion of visually compelling website design and dynamic social media curation has established a harmonious digital ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with Sanad Lounge’s luxurious reputation. This partnership signifies our dedication to elevating brands in the digital landscape and reaffirms Sanad Lounge’s prominence as an unrivaled luxury destination.

Meet people in their moment of Joy

Food is a source of great pleasure that we all enjoy together. Apps have the potential to provide people with a satisfying experience that helps them reach the stage of attachment. Food delivery apps provide users with more than just food; they provide comfort, convenience, a chance for self-reward, an opportunity to explore new tastes and share the enjoyment of food with friends and family.

The research finds that people expect and appreciate the following from their food tech apps:

  • The ability to browse and explore before registering an account
  • Strong customer support features and troubleshooting assistance
  • A seamless ordering experience that provides progress updates at a glance
  • Support of daily or weekly rituals by making it easy to repeat orders and schedule them in advance

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Smart City Expo Doha 2022 Activations

A101 is proud to have supported Tasmu Smart Qatar and Tasmu Digital Valley with various activations for their booth at the Smart City Expo Doha 2022.

A101 designed and developed an interactive and informational touchscreen display for visitors and well as provided A101’s own developed and licensed product; Portagraf; which allowed visitors to share their signatures on a digital wall.

Website Revamp

Al Ahmadani Medical Center revamped their website, with the help of A101 we were able to develop their website to their specification, and make modifications where necessary based on our recommendations. An easy to use Content Management System (CMS) allowed Al Ahmadani to make changes when required.

Creativity Involved

Creativity and design is involved in everything we do.

Usability, mobility and accessibility are addressed methodically as pleasure and satisfaction of using those tools have a direct impact on their productivity.

Multiple channel branding

Creating an up-to-date digital brand, implementing a data-centric strategy and adapting your approach has become crucial to leverage the potential of digital channels.

As consumers become more tech-dependent it is up to brands to provide them with a free-flowing user experience across all devices and digital platforms.

We know how to deploy world-class software that delivers quality, flexibility, scalability and other associated options that stack well to benefit your brand. Our solutions drive excellence across your brand and give you a platform for future, sustainable development.

Intuitive UI/UX conception

Each project is carefully engineered to address all aspects of its interaction, this gives your product and strategy a boost while delivering an unforgettable experience.

Web design and responsiveness

A seamless experience comes from readable and responsive content too. With more than 55% of visits done from tablets and other mobile devices, the importance of delivering the same result across all devices is mandatory to satisfy your visitors and broadcast the same image on all platforms and languages.

Digital Content Design

Convey your message clearly, amplify your communication with impactful content and position yourself as a successful and leading actor.

Digital Brand

​​Nowadays, consumers are more and more tech-dependent and it is up to brands to provide them with a free-flowing user experience across all devices and digital platforms. In today’s digitally-driven world, your brand must deliver quality, flexibility, scalability and other associated options that stack well to your users. Our solutions give you a platform for future, sustainable development.

Our team of specialists will undertake tasks such as consumer research, audience segmentation, and analysis to understand your brand’s online positioning. We will help you strategize the best way to convey your message clearly, amplify your communication channels with impactful content and position yourself as a successful and leading actor.

Our digital branding aims to create a connection between your product or service and the consumer by establishing your brand recognition in the digital world by building your digital brand strategy, enhancing your online identity, creating cohesive multiple channel branding and guidelines, to ensure consistency and standards.

UI/UX Solutions

To develop a great experience, first you must understand each different user associated with your brand. We build individual user profiles that help us recognize your typical users from age, gender, interests, job roles, and more.

Once we’ve developed the right persona for your brand, we move on to developing the user journey. From wireframing, storyboarding and prototyping interfaces, to creating a design that flows and we understand how each click of information impacts your users. A great interface works well, but also should be visually appealing and branded because good impressions leave an impact in the user’s mind. 

We need to change the way consumers and brands interact with each other. We focus on experience by delivering measurable and data-centric experiences to your audience.  

We study our insights and analytics to build the best user experience for your product by developing a relevant, useful and on-brand tool for your business.

Web design and Responsiveness

An effective and well-designed website has the potential to transform your business. We believe in delivering creativity that works and excels for your brand. By creating user-friendly website designs with beautiful interfaces, we deliver on your objectives in a memorable and lasting way.

Our team of web designers will work closely with your business in order to find the best online and effective solution for you. Every website we design reflects your brand and is inline with the core branding and design that was pre-established.

We design responsive websites that deliver on their objectives, such as usability, content, search engine visibility and conversion optimization. With responsive development, we ensure that no content is compromised from desktop to mobile, giving your users a full view of who you are no matter how they’re accessing your website. 

Digital content design: 2D/3D

From concept to delivery, our dedicated 2d and 3d designers and animators bring your ideas to life to create vibrant and engaging content. From the script, to concept to storyboarding, we incorporate striking visual styles, sound effects and eye-catching graphics providing your business with powerful tools for captivating your audience and telling your story in an engaging and informative way.

Your business and brand will benefit from enhanced digital content as it will increase user engagement, teach potential customers about your brand or service and greatly increase conversion rates.

Our experts are specialized in 2D animation and illustration producing stunning character animations and motion graphics tailored to your brand, 3D animation and modeling for a range of Unity-based projects from computer games to augmented reality apps and virtual reality games.