Agriteq 2023 Activations

Our team was tasked with creating an engaging and interactive experience for Doha Expo’s space at Agriteq 2023. The project involved two components: an inauguration activation and a quiz with augmented reality.

The inauguration activation featured an animated video that played when users selected an option on an iPad. The animation showcased the client’s brand identity and conveyed a message of growth and progress.

The quiz component allowed users to answer a few questions and then receive a persona based on their answers. Users could also use their mobile devices to see augmented reality flowers related to their persona, providing an engaging and unique way to interact with the brand and its products.

Overall, the project was a success, creating an exciting and interactive experience for Doha Expo’s audience. The inauguration activation and quiz with the AR objects helped to build brand engagement and foster a sense of excitement around the Doha Expo’s new space.

Rasekh Educational Platform Hub

Rasekh is an initiative from Qatar Foundation under PUE to promote and support QF and other schools in Qatar to offer a glocalized program. These educational resources from local entities will make it possible for the teachers to meaningfully connect lesson plans in schools to the local context.

A101, with extensive experience in the educational sector, created the following for Rasekh:

  • Educational platform hub
  • MADA accessibility adaptation
  • Translation for material
  • Designing and templating resources
  • Content management and organization

FIFA World Cup 2022 Educational Program

Tamreen is a program that uses the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to inspire young people to learn. It explores Qatar’s FIFA World Cup™ 2022 journey – from the historic bid to become hosts, all the way through to the legacy that the tournament will create. Films, games, quizzes, and more, all aligned to the national curriculum, provide the basis for flexible and fun lesson plans.

A101 partnered with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to initiate this entire program and initiative together over a 3 year period, where we came on as a full-service digital agency to consult and execute a wide array of deliverables. This was elaborated through a collaboration with Qatar Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), to align the educational content with the national curriculum of Qatar.

The main deliverables that were delivered are:

• Educational Content Creation
• Gamification, Edutainment, and Infotainment
• Tamreen Platform Website Design and Development
• Filming & Production
• Interactive Online Game Level Designs, Development & Rendering
• Animations & Motion Pictures
• Copywriting, Copyediting, Proofreading & Translation
• Digital Marketing & Social Media Integration
• Newsletters & Mailers
• Competitions & Surveys
• Business Intelligence, Reporting and Data Analytics

Theqa Trustmark Certification Portal

Theqa is Qatar’s first eCommerce Trustmark. The Theqa Trustmark certifies that a website is secure and genuine. It reassures consumers that it has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to sell goods and services.

As the portal is the main gateway for merchants to get certified, A101 took on the task to build a flawless system generating certificates when needed and allowing the administrator to manage the criteria fulfillment and applications of new merchants.