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Step into the world of SASOL with our innovative edutainment game, designed to immerse users in the complex yet fascinating realm of Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) plant construction. This unique game experience centers around the core concept of filling gaps with the essential value chain elements that compose a GTL plant, providing both the general public and engineers with an in-depth understanding of the process.

Key Features:

Interactive Gap-Filling Mechanic: The main gameplay revolves around identifying and placing the correct value chain elements in their respective gaps, simulating the step-by-step process of GTL plant construction.

Diverse Value Chain Elements: From raw materials and processing units to end products and logistics, familiarize yourself with the comprehensive components that make up the GTL value chain.

Adaptive Difficulty Levels: The game offers varying levels of challenge, ensuring that both novices and experts find it equally engaging. As players progress, the gaps become more intricate, requiring a deeper understanding of the GTL process.

Instant Feedback: Receive immediate feedback upon placing each value chain element. This ensures continuous learning, allowing players to understand the significance of each component in the GTL process.

Progressive Learning Curve: Start with the basics and gradually delve into the more complex aspects of the GTL value chain. This structured approach ensures a thorough grasp of the entire GTL construction process.


This edutainment game aims to provide a hands-on learning experience, demystifying the GTL plant construction process. Through interactive gameplay, players will gain a holistic understanding of the value chain elements that underpin the success and efficiency of SASOL's GTL technology.

Target Audience:

General public is curious about the intricacies of industrial energy processes.
Engineering students and professionals are eager to delve deeper into the world of GTL technology.
Educational institutions seeking resourceful and interactive tools for energy and chemical processing curriculum.

With SASOL's edutainment game, users are not just playing; they're learning, understanding, and appreciating the intricacies of GTL technology. Dive in and fill the gaps!

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