In an ever-changing digital landscape, success not only depends on what you do and don’t do, but WHY and HOW you do it.

Make your business successful by implementing the right strategy and plan to save costs while converting more sales and optimizing your business.

At A101, we have over 10 years of experience in Qatar and have delivered countless websites, newsletters, social media campaigns, CRMs, data mining solutions and activations. This is why our extensive local experience helps us to empower our clients by offering strategic consulting solutions through research and assessments, strategic planning and communication.

We are here to suggest the best approach for your business while creating synergy between all of your digital assets.

With our approach, you will reach the right audience, validate prospects, convert your leads into sales, build strong loyalty, communicate clearer and faster, attract partners, boost your operations and empower your staff and your overall brand.

Design & User Experience

Creativity and design are involved in everything we do.

Usability, mobility, and accessibility are important features that need to be addressed in this day and age and will ensure a direct impact on your desired target. From designing a user-friendly and efficient app to a complex integrated system, the design is here to ensure engagement with the user and take them on a memorable journey that will bring the awareness and engagement. Creativity goes beyond simple layout and design, it is is a reflection of your brand and a communication tool bringing ideas to life within a virtual space.

Your Digital Brand
Creating an up-to-date digital brand is a necessity. By implementing data-centric strategies and adapting your approach to the digital world, we will help you create a cohesive and elaborated brand tailored to the online world through multiple channel branding.
UI/UX Solutions
Creating an impactful experience combines behavioral psychology, architecture, engineering, and design. When developing any sort of interface or design, we carefully engineered all aspects of interaction to give your product and strategy a boost as well as an unforgettable experience.
Web Design and Responsiveness
A seamless experience comes from readable and responsive contents too. With more than 55% of visits done from tablets and other mobile devices, the importance of delivering the same result across all devices is mandatory to satisfy your visitors and broadcast the same image on all platforms and languages.
Digital Content Design: 2D/3D
Technologies nowadays need to be tailored to bring your brand forward. From 2D to 3D solutions, we are here to provide you with the best in content design from creating 2D / 3D animations, to developing engaging Augmented Reality experiences to building memorable virtual reality worlds.

Social Media & Online Advertisement

Engaging with your audience and expanding your market through social media and online advertising is a must. Considering this region is one of the most active on social media and the web, creating interactive or promotional campaigns, enabling a two-way communication and gathering analytical insights is vital for any company. More than that, having the right representation doesn’t only impact your reputation but gives you a competitive advantage within the market.

Social Media Content Creation & Management
Having the right presence on social networks allows you to not only master your image but enables you to grow your business and audience faster and improve your search engine optimization (SEO).
Online Marketing & Advertising
Online advertising has quickly become one of the most rewarding and profitable ways for your business to grow.

Business Solutions

With a proven track record of designed and developed SaaS products, at A101 we provide business solutions that are tailored to suit your needs.

We intervene in various areas such as digitalization of processes and services, decision-support solutions, cross-channel journeys, employee mobility, membership management system, loyalty system, CRM, lead generators, cashless payment solutions and customize our development to tailor your needs.

Our systems are entirely designed and developed in-house which include:

Event Support & Activations

At A101, we are here to be your ideal event support and service provider, creating unique brand experiences, events, fan zones and activations that make a lasting impression through the use of cutting-edge technology and experiential solutions.

We deliver everything from event website & e-Invites, 2D & 3D animations, registration system for exhibition and conferences (Hardware, Software, Mobile App and Technical Staff) with Hayyak, accreditation softwares & Services, event apps (Registration, Voting, Survey, Floor Plan, etc), reporting and analytics, touchscreens (Hardware and Software), VR & AR, photobooths, 360 Degrees Bullet Time rings, interactive games (Projections, Simulators, Consoles, etc), projection mapping, 3D printing, robotics and many more bespoke developments!


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