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Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Having an idea is great, making it a success is even better.

With A101, you make sure your concept is safe and comes to life with the best chance to succeed.

A101 researches and consults on business models and growth management. We take innovative concepts that bring value to their market to the success they deserve.

This is why we provide support and guidance to entities, at all stages of their life cycle, from seed-stage start-ups to venture-backed companies and self-funded small businesses.

We support your business and concept by performing:

  1. Consultancy, Market study, Financial analysis, Business Modeling, Marketing, and Software architecture
  2. Design and Development with our own team to make sure the concept becomes a reality, in the appropriate standards
  3. We host concepts and manage projects that require a kick start in the market
  4. We support, invest, fund selected projects
  • market-search Feasibility study and
    market research
  • business-plan Business Plan
  • financial Financial Modeling
    & Projections
  • managed Managed
  • horse Strategic & Business
  • establishment Brand and marketing
  • outsourcing Business Process
    Improvement / Outsourcing

We have many success stories and would like yours to become one, get started now, contact us.