Qatar Petroleum Jobs Portal

Qatar Petroleum is a state owned petroleum company of Qatar and was looking for a solution to solve their hiring process for a company that was being merged into QP.

A101 developed a job portal that can be accessed internally for the potential employees being absorbed into QP, in which the employees receive job offers that they can choose to accept which entails duties and responsibilities for the potential job.

Hyundai Automotive Website

Skyline Automotive, a Jaidah Group company and official distribution partner of Hyundai Motor Company is setting new standards for auto dealers in Qatar.

A101 contributed to this vision by developing a website for Hyundai to display the automotives they have to offer; and making the process of requesting more information easier to potential customers whilst increasing leads.

TASMU Digital Valley Branding Competition

TASMU Digital Valley is an innovation cluster that was looking to create an entire brand identity by involving students and designers from around the world.

A101 provided TASMU with a web solution that hosts the branding competition. Students, designers and professionals all around the world could submit their applications on the website and TASMU went on to choose a winner from the submissions which is now currently used in their branding.

North Oil Company Website

A101 developed the website of the North Oil Company, a joint-venture between Qatar Petroleum and Total taking over the Al Shaheen Oil Field operations. At the start of its operations, a system has also been designed and developed to automate the HR related processes saving a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks.
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