Darb Al Sai Stand – MEC

Designing and developing booth for activations is a speciality and we are proud to do so with technology! Engaging and educative, our technology provided a lot more than just fulfilling the visitor’s expectations such as our custom build VR software educating about consumer rights in a qatari supermarket.

AR Tourist Telescope – Tarsheed Park

Discover Doha from the Tarsheed Park has been made possible with our digital AR telescope. Pointing at the real building with the telescope will pop-up information about the landmark and provide additional pictures and details with AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The totem has also been entirely designed and produced by A101.

Qatar Summer Festival

Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) is the most awaited Summer Event in Qatar.

A101 has provided the organizers with exciting new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) based games, painting tools, mobile app games entirely designed and developed by our studio and featuring our favourite Khaliji character “Khalifa”.

During the event, our system Hayyak would create analytics about entries in the festival along with a quick way to find lost children!

In addition: Human Size Board games, an original concept of Summer Run, Boxing Arena, a Karaoke challenge, a real size Go-Kart track!! and of course our famous digital photo booth to immortalize our visitors’ best memories…

Discover how it was like with this video.

Virtual Reality of Human Anatomy

Technologies like VR and AR are useful for education.

To learn about the Human Anatomy and its features, A101 has developed a virtual lab in VR taking students to a whole new and immersive experience, from the human body real size to a microscopic level.

Visit our offices and experience VR with us!

or alternatively watch this sample video

Doha Film Institute: Sandbox Exhibit

The DFI organized the Ajyal Youth Film Festival featuring an innovative and interactive exhibit.

The SANDBOX was completely designed, implemented and managed by A101. Some of our technology was also involved such as the Bullet Time, Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time in Qatar and other Holographic Imagery, Virtual Silhouette and Immersive Room.

This festival hosted a huge amount of visitors that have experienced never been seen before technology and showcasing technics commonly used in the movie industry.

Watch this video for more details.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time.

A101 specializes in the development & design of AR using images of geolocation and 3D live rendering engines. Ask us about the use of this technology and how it is changing our world today.

Watch our video and download our demo app! (Link below)


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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is an immersive computer simulation widely used nowadays.

A101 has been working on such technology since its started with devices such as the first Oculus but also the Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and a lot of its components.

Strong of its experience in 3D and programming using 3D live rendering engines, A101 has developed and specializes in this area which can be used for entertainment but also for training, access of remote and inaccessible areas, visit of “not yet built” projects and a lot more.

Ask us for a demo at our offices or check out our introduction video or an application done for Human Anatomy.