TASMU Digital Valley Branding Competition

TASMU Digital Valley is an innovation cluster that was looking to create an entire brand identity by involving students and designers from around the world.

A101 provided TASMU with a web solution that hosts the branding competition. Students, designers and professionals all around the world could submit their applications on the website and TASMU went on to choose a winner from the submissions which is now currently used in their branding.

Madad (Sadiqi) – SC Workers App

Together with A101, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has launched a smartphone app to help construction workers improve their professional and personal lives during their time in Qatar.

Initiated by the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department and Special Projects Office the app was developed to leverage the overwhelming number of workers who use smartphones and would benefit from a customised platform capable of enhancing their everyday lives.

The app was developed following an intensive consultation period with SC workers led by SC and A101. During the development phase, workers at Lusail Stadium were asked for their feedback on the features, functionality and design of the app, which is intended as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Following an initial pilot with 250 workers, ‘Madad / Sadiqi – SC Workers’ has been rolled out to all 22,000 workers engaged on SC infrastructure projects. The word ‘madad’ means ‘help’ in both Arabic and Hindi.

The app includes the following features:

  • Streamlined finance and remittance options
  • Easy communication with family and friends
  • Increased awareness of leisure and social activities
  • Access to health and nutrition advice
  • Access to SC’s work grievance hotline
  • Participation in regular surveys
  • Stores soft copies of personal documents, such as Qatar ID and passport
  • Access to all key emergency telephone numbers
  • Location maps of ATMs, parks and health centres
  • Promotions available to workers
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QGBC Green Life Hero Platform

The Green Life Hero initiative uses a business model intended to promote green behaviour in Qatar. Based on a loyalty system, A101 together with QGBC has conceived, designed and developed the whole system consisting of a web app and a mobile app.

A website, animation, game and a lot more collaterals were created to support and promote this initiative.

Want to know more? Visit greenlifehero.com and download the Green Life Hero App


Interactive Exhibit

A101 conceives and executes interactive and experiential exhibits in various contexts such as Museums, legacy areas, temporary areas, innovation labs and cover the whole process including:

Concept Development, Interpretive planning, research & Storytelling, Exhibit design & Thematic organization, Layout treatment & visitor flow Experiment, Development & Programming, Environmental & Contextual Graphics, Interactive Contents Creation.

A101 technological expertise allows the best integration between contents, interactive and self-explanatory displays.

Mall Activation: CRA

An exclusive delivery done by A101 for the Communication Regulatory Authority CRA, this Mall activation was done across several venues in Qatar.

Meant to promote security and protect consumers’ right in regards to telecommunications, the goal of this activation was to gather Consumer’s feedback about the Telecommunications Services in Qatar and to provide educational sessions and resources to visitors, informing of their rights and regulations in place.

A101’s team has designed the booth, managed the activities but more importantly developed systems and apps allowing visitors to know more about their rights and how to protect themselves against abuse. The technology also served surveys, feedbacks, satisfaction studies and complains related to telecommunication in the country.

Discover more in this video.