Qatar Summer Festival 2016

Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) is the most awaited Summer Event in Qatar.
A101 has provided the organizers with exciting new technology such as VR-based games and painting tools, our mobile app games series designed and developed by our studio and featuring our favorite Khaliji character “Khalifa”.
But also, Human Size Board games, an original concept of Summer Run, Boxing Arena, a Karaoke challenge, a real size Go-Kart track!! and of course our famous digital photo booth to immortalize our visitors’ best memories…

Interactive Exhibit

A101 conceives and executes interactive exhibits in various contexts such as Museums, legacy areas, temporary exhibits and cover the whole process including:

Concept Development, Interpretive planning, research & Storytelling, Exhibit design & Thematic organization, Layout treatment & visitor flow Experiment, Development & Programming, Environmental & Contextual Graphics, Interactive Contents Creation.

A101 technological expertise allows the best integration between contents, interactive and self-explanatory displays.

Immersive Room

This Immersive Room is a setup done by A101 on the behalf of the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and for the purpose of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival.

The Sandbox area was an interactive exhibit open to the public. A101 designed and managed the whole area and provided a lot of digital activities featured during this event.

Immersive rooms are ideal to share a 360 degrees experience with multiple visitor at once.

HAYYAK Registration System

Hayyak is a Trademarked and smart platform offering innovative experiences before, during and after hosting visitors.

Typically used for trade show, exhibition, accreditation, concerts, fan zones, ticketing or even networking events it can also be used for permanently in public venues.

This platform uses our own technology to provide Access Control, Self Checking and Live Attendance Tracking for your venue.

The Features and Analytics are endless and can be used for Audience Profiling, Cashless Payments, Social Media Sharing & Gamification and much more interactions.

HH The Emir’s Sword 2016

The 2016 Emir’ Sword Racing Festival is one of the most prestigious equestrian meeting of the year in Qatar and A101 has proudly managed with its MEMORABLE event team from A to Z.

A lot of technology was used such as dedicated and custom software for the starting draw, 3D mapping, Dome Projection and the involvement of a lot of specialists to make this PR, Live Show and closing ceremony and enjoyable and MEMORABLE moment.

View more on this video.

Qatargas JBOG Inauguration

The JBOG Project is part of the Common Facilities Projects at RLIC and it is led and operated by Qatargas. The Jetty Boil Off Gas Project (JBOG) is set to become a landmark project for the State of Qatar when it comes to ecologic and technical breakthrough.

A101 had the chance to deliver a MEMORABLE event with its technology featuring the project with a 3D touchscreen, a gallery of featured pictures and the iconic animation done for the inauguration of one of the most prestigious event done in and featuring the city of Ras Laffan.

Check the video used for the “moment” here