OxFitness Lab App

This App is a real companion for the members of the Ox Fitness Lab as it offers features such as booking classes, following personal status, consulting fitness program and even communicating with other members.

The App was also delivered with an integrated management of the rooms, clients and payment solution for the clients using RFID tags.

This exclusive App has been developed for Ox Fitness Lab, a new and visionary venue promoting an active of way of life that helps you feel fit, look fit and be fit.

Visit Oxfitnesslab.com to know more OxFitness Lab.

Immersive Room

This Immersive Room is a setup done by A101 on the behalf of the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and for the purpose of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival.

The Sandbox area was an interactive exhibit open to the public. A101 designed and managed the whole area and provided a lot of digital activities featured during this event.

Immersive rooms are ideal to share a 360 degrees experience with multiple visitor at once.

HAYYAK Registration System

Hayyak is a Trademarked and smart platform offering innovative experiences before, during and after hosting visitors.

Typically used for trade show, exhibition, accreditation, concerts, fan zones, ticketing or even networking events it can also be used for permanently in public venues.

This platform uses our own technology to provide Access Control, Self Checking and Live Attendance Tracking for your venue.

The Features and Analytics are endless and can be used for Audience Profiling, Cashless Payments, Social Media Sharing & Gamification and much more interactions.


Bullet Time

Like in the movies and going up to 360 degrees this system creates an animated picture and allow your visitors to share their moment and keep a MEMORABLE gift with them.

After our successful installation done for Ajyal Youth Festival on the behalf of the Doha Film Festival A101 has pushed the boundaries and now proposed this system on a rental basis.

View more examples on: Ajyal.A101.qa

Virtual Reality of Human Anatomy

Technologies like VR and AR are useful for education.

To learn about the Human Anatomy and its features, A101 has developed a virtual lab taking students to a whole new and immersive experience, from the human body real size to a microscopic level.

Visit our offices and experience VR with us!

or alternatively watch this sample video

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time.

A101 specializes in the development & design of AR using images of geolocation and 3D live rendering engines. Ask us about the use of this technology and how it is changing our world today.

watch our video.


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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an immersive computer simulation widely used nowadays.

A101 has been working on such technology since its started with devices such as the first Oculus but also the Google cardboard, HTC Vive and a lot of its components.

Strong of its experience in 3D and programing using 3D live rendering engines, A101 has developed and specializes in this area which can be used for entertainment but also for training, access of remote and inaccessible areas, visit of “not yet built” projects and a lot more.

Ask us for a demo at our offices or check out our example video