Madad (Sadiqi) – SC Workers App

Together with A101, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has launched a smartphone app to help construction workers improve their professional and personal lives during their time in Qatar.

Initiated by the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department and Special Projects Office the app was developed to leverage the overwhelming number of workers who use smartphones and would benefit from a customised platform capable of enhancing their everyday lives.

The app was developed following an intensive consultation period with SC workers led by SC and A101. During the development phase, workers at Lusail Stadium were asked for their feedback on the features, functionality and design of the app, which is intended as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Following an initial pilot with 250 workers, ‘Madad / Sadiqi – SC Workers’ has been rolled out to all 22,000 workers engaged on SC infrastructure projects. The word ‘madad’ means ‘help’ in both Arabic and Hindi.

The app includes the following features:

  • Streamlined finance and remittance options
  • Easy communication with family and friends
  • Increased awareness of leisure and social activities
  • Access to health and nutrition advice
  • Access to SC’s work grievance hotline
  • Participation in regular surveys
  • Stores soft copies of personal documents, such as Qatar ID and passport
  • Access to all key emergency telephone numbers
  • Location maps of ATMs, parks and health centres
  • Promotions available to workers
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I AM QF Registration and Mobile App

One of the latest additions to our HAYYAK Portfolio is the customized “I AM QF” Registration system along with a dedicated mobile app; designed and developed by A101 it allowed users to participate to live polls, agendas and easy-to-use workshop booking features.

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North Oil Company Website

A101 developed the website of the North Oil Company, a joint-venture between Qatar Petroleum and Total taking over the Al Shaheen Oil Field operations. At the start of its operations, a system has also been designed and developed to automate the HR related processes saving a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks.
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Vodafone Mother’s Day

A101 Supports Vodafone’s Mother’s Day Campaign. Setup located in Mall of Qatar as well as roaming around Doha’s Mall like Villaggio, Landmark and City Center. The concept was simple, enter your mother’s country and mobile number, take a picture of yourself and send it to her for this very special day!

Queuing System – Instana

A101 designed and developed “Instana”, our own queuing system, working with SMS and loaded with dynamic services. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has been one of the first clients of this innovative platform.

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QGBC Green Life Hero Platform

The Green Life Hero initiative uses a business model intended to promote green behaviour in Qatar. Based on a loyalty system, A101 together with QGBC has conceived, designed and developed the whole system consisting of a web app and a mobile app.

A website, animation, game and a lot more collaterals were created to support and promote this initiative.

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Ox Fitness Lab App for Members

This App is a real companion for the members of the Ox Fitness Lab as it offers features such as booking classes, following personal status, consulting fitness program and even communicating with other members. Order and pay at the juice bar with a cashless system!

The App was also delivered with an integrated management of the rooms, clients and payment solution for the clients using RFID tags.

This exclusive App has been developed for Ox Fitness Lab, a new and visionary venue promoting an active way of life that helps you feel fit, look fit and be fit.

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360 Photo – Bullet Time

Like in the movies and going 360 degrees, this system creates an animated picture and allow your visitors to share their moment and keep a memorable gift with them.

Get in the middle, pose, snap it and send over email!

Witnessing a huge success during Ajyal festival DFI, A101 has decided to provide this installation on a rental basis.

Technology for event: Emir’s Cup

A101 specializes in event support and is proud to have participated in the organization of the Emir’s Cup, one of the most prestigious Horse Race of the Gulf.

A lot of technology was setup such as dedicated and custom software for the Horse Gate Draw, Animation video, 3D mapping, Dome Projection, Live Show and closing ceremony.

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