Qatar Petroleum Jobs Portal

Qatar Petroleum is a state owned petroleum company of Qatar and was looking for a solution to solve their hiring process for a company that was being merged into QP.

A101 developed a job portal that can be accessed internally for the potential employees being absorbed into QP, in which the employees receive job offers that they can choose to accept which entails duties and responsibilities for the potential job.

Hyundai Automotive Website

Skyline Automotive, a Jaidah Group company and official distribution partner of Hyundai Motor Company is setting new standards for auto dealers in Qatar.

A101 contributed to this vision by developing a website for Hyundai to display the automotives they have to offer; and making the process of requesting more information easier to potential customers whilst increasing leads.

MEC in GEW Rowad

Ministry of Economy and Commerce participated in Rowad Qatar, an entrepreneurship conference, wanted to differentiate themselves and engage with visitors at the event.

A101 proposed a plan by designing the booth at the event, and developing a questionnaire webapp to increase engagement and interactivity.
Attendees were invited to scan a QR code, view the questions on a large screen and were answering them privately on their phones.

Ooredoo 5G Drone VR

Ooredoo was looking to present their 5G Drone Flying Taxi at the international Mobile World Congress (MWC) and give visitors a chance to experience a test flight.

A101 has collaborated on the shooting of 360 videos in different locations in Qatar which were then used to create a Virtual Reality experience. The result what stunning and immersing the users over various destinations in Qatar.
Ooredoo has hence been able to showcase its 5G Drone Flying Taxi but also showcase Qatar as a beautiful destination to visit.

Qatar Petroleum at LNG

Qatar Petroleum, one of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry, was looking to participate in the LNG 2019 exhibition and planned to showcase their work. to further business development.

A101 provided QP with a dynamic touch screen and Augmented Reality (AR) to showcase their current work but also a dive into the past of QP with an interactive timeline.

Doha Forum Registration System

Doha Forum is a global platform for dialogue, an event which brings together the world’s top decision-makers and influencers.

A101 was hired to designed and develop a registration system and guest management platform. We used Hayyak which allowed the managers of the event to plan the trip, logistics and attendance of the guests while providing different access control levels to the administrators of the event.

A website and dedicated mobile app for the event has also been created and is featuring the agenda, sessions, speakers, and a map of the event and all information relative to the event.

Qatar Debate Interactive Wall

QD hosted the IUDC with more than 600 teams invited to debate, and required an approach to present information about their competitions.

A101 proposed, designed and setup an interactive touch wall which displays information on a wall to boost attendee interactivity and interest. This allowed visitors and debators to find out more information about the event regarding registration, terms and criterias.

Madad (Sadiqi) – SC Workers App

Together with A101, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) has launched a smartphone app to help construction workers improve their professional and personal lives during their time in Qatar.

Initiated by the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department and Special Projects Office the app was developed to leverage the overwhelming number of workers who use smartphones and would benefit from a customised platform capable of enhancing their everyday lives.

The app was developed following an intensive consultation period with SC workers led by SC and A101. During the development phase, workers at Lusail Stadium were asked for their feedback on the features, functionality and design of the app, which is intended as a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Following an initial pilot with 250 workers, ‘Madad / Sadiqi – SC Workers’ has been rolled out to all 22,000 workers engaged on SC infrastructure projects. The word ‘madad’ means ‘help’ in both Arabic and Hindi.

The app includes the following features:

  • Streamlined finance and remittance options
  • Easy communication with family and friends
  • Increased awareness of leisure and social activities
  • Access to health and nutrition advice
  • Access to SC’s work grievance hotline
  • Participation in regular surveys
  • Stores soft copies of personal documents, such as Qatar ID and passport
  • Access to all key emergency telephone numbers
  • Location maps of ATMs, parks and health centres
  • Promotions available to workers
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