MEC in GEW Rowad

Ministry of Economy and Commerce participated in Rowad Qatar, an entrepreneurship conference, wanted to differentiate themselves and engage with visitors at the event.

A101 proposed a plan by designing the booth at the event, and developing a questionnaire webapp to increase engagement and interactivity.
Attendees were invited to scan a QR code, view the questions on a large screen and were answering them privately on their phones.

Qatar Petroleum at LNG

Qatar Petroleum, one of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry, was looking to participate in the LNG 2019 exhibition and planned to showcase their work. to further business development.

A101 provided QP with a dynamic touch screen and Augmented Reality (AR) to showcase their current work but also a dive into the past of QP with an interactive timeline.

Darb Al Sai Stand – MEC

Designing and developing booth for activations is a speciality and we are proud to do so with technology! Engaging and educative, our technology provided a lot more than just fulfilling the visitor’s expectations such as our custom build VR software educating about consumer rights in a qatari supermarket.

Ooredoo Innovation Roadshow

Highlights of our participation and awarded recognition in the Ooredoo Innovation Roadshow 2018. “We are on a journey to the future”.

Delivered on this event were Portagraf (digital signature), Virtual Reality (VR) Cycling and Games, Live Augmented Reality (AR) and a Photobooth. A great and innovative day for a B2B social event.

Immersive Room for events

This Immersive Room is a setup done by A101 on the behalf of the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and for the purpose of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival.

The Sandbox area was an interactive exhibit open to the public. A101 designed and managed the whole area and provided a lot of digital activities featured during this event.

Immersive rooms are ideal to share a 360 degrees experience with multiple visitors at once.