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Data analytics helps you and your team make decisions based on reality. Our Business Intelligence Solution, SCOOP BI, is a platform empowering decision makers with:
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Visualization
  • Customized research
  • Informed consultation

Technology and expertise combined

A101’s BI Solution brings all sources of information together into one easy-to-use solution and allows us to improve your business performance and provide you with an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Our platform aggregates data from over 100 sources and displays it in a comprehensive dashboard, simple to read and analyse from.

Connect with your data

Your company most likely has multiple databases, and a wide spectrum of data sets saved in a variety of applications, spreadsheets and platforms.

A101 will combine this data and start working on it.

Explore your data

A101 makes data discovery simple, you do not need to be data scientists to interpret data. Our intuitive, interactive custom data dashboards allow you to filter the most relevant data you need to review and analyse.

Receive consultation & advice

The best consultation services available in the market.

A101 helps you to answer important questions with our expert business consultants.

Effective Data Sharing

Data gathering and analyses are only most effective when properly shared and communicated.

Top 4 objectives of adopting our solution

95% Making Better Decisions
92% Improving operational efficiencies
88% Growing revenues
86% gainging competitive advantage